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Who can use FastCut?

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Content Creators

Videos created using FastCut have proven to drive high engagement on social media.

Video editors & Agencies

Automate the manual tasks like cropping, keyframing, animating, etc.

Marketers who run video ads

Marketers who run video ads

Get higher ROAS using video ads created with FastCut :)

Get higher ROAS using video ads created with FastCut :)


Here’s what you can accomplish with FastCut

Auto Captions

Accurate Captions, transcribed from your video automatically.

Trending Templates

Make videos in the style of top creators like Hormozi, Ali, etc.


FastCut adds b-roll footage to your video instantly with AI

Catchy Transitions

Automatically adds zooms and transitions to increase retention.

Keyword Highlighting

Important words and phrases are highlighted and animated.

Animated Emojis

Relevant emojis added automatically for high retention.

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